A great experience for everyone!

Fun full of adrenaline! You can find this at a great shooting range in Prague! Come have fun with friends or by yourself and try out some nice weapons. Shoot the targets and compare your results with each visit. Lots of fun and practice in target shooting will make you a better person, because having more abilities and skills is always good for you and those around you. Everyone should try something new and improve their skills. You may already have the basics, but practice makes you tougher. If you have the will to stick it out even if it doesn`t work out, you can be a great shooter one day.

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Do you think you have what it takes? Do you think you could be the best of the best one day? As there is a lot of interest in the activity at the shooting range, you should always call and reserve a place in advance – that is, how many places you will need and the date and time. Arriving at the shooting range is easy, because you don`t need anything other than your ID card with you. The ID card is very important because you will prove yourself with it. Employees need to know that you are eighteen years old. If you are a teenager, you unfortunately have to wait a few more years. The staff of the shooting range will lend you all the equipment.

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Everything will be ready and you will be able to go straight to your entertainment. As already mentioned, you can experience this experience in a team. You can come with practically anyone who meets the requirement that they already have an ID card. So if the person in question is of a suitable age, you can look forward to great fun with others. So don`t hesitate to call your chosen shooting range and arrange your arrival. You can find all the information on the website or by calling the reception of the chosen shooting range. Have fun and if you review your visit, other people will be happy too.

Fun full of adrenaline! You can find this at a great shooting range in Prague! Come have fun with friends…